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Friday, May 25, 2012

hari-hari hari guru:ep3

hmm..tak terfikir dek akal nak buat entri pasal hari guru sampai 3 kali..
entri-entri sebelum ni:
hari - hari hari guru,
hari-hari hari guru:ep 2
dok cerita pasal continuosly, non stop receiving wishes, gifts, cards, suprises..
sampai la ni, masa member dok sibuk kemas barang balik semenanjung,
kamek still dok mengemas apresiasi/ love's note student kamek..

 my 1st year teacher's day celebration,
kena tukar as
my 1st year teacher's dayS celebration gamaknya..
since 12/5/12 sampai la ni : 25/5/12
not even one single day left out without receiving those love wish, notes/gifts.
readers maybe puzzled
kenak lah cikgu Anis ni dok buat entri
mode sama je sampai 3 kali..

if u've been in my shoe, u will know why..
in simplest word: it's totally unexpected..
if u ever know my students' background..
(how they manage to do so all this really make me wonder)
if u ever know what actually did happen during the 16/05 itself,
how i'm totally going to burst because of the 'sick' system,
"stupid' selfish decision by 'somebody'..
if u ever know,
ever feel what I felt this whole emotions for almost 5 months in this new environment..
Roller coaster, sudden ups and downs..
gosh..I'm definitely in debt with my students..
as they always manage to bring me up when I'm nearly knocked down..

entri kali ni,
untuk ingatkan diri sendiri sebenarnya..
        jangan pernah lupa satu persatu tangan yang menghulur rasa hati itu..
        jangan pernah lupa butir bicara kuntum senyum mesra setiap satu..
        jangan pernah lupa kuat sorak jerit mereka saat nama kamek disebut..
        jangan pernah lupa kejutan demi kejutan yang menghadir seribu satu rasa..
jangan pernah lupa sentiasa menghadirkan tanya:
layakkah kamek receiving all these sweet moments, memories?
buat muhasabah diri in future in case rasa lemah datang,
CIKGU ANIS, kamu perlu kuat untuk mereka,
mereka yang memandang kamu dengan tagihan ilmu..
mereka yang bersungguh mencari perhatian tanpa jemu..
kuatlah, agar kekallah rasa sayang,adab dan ilmu ini bertamu..
Ya ALLAH..permudahkanlah urusanku..

_coming soon: time for my lovely precious family, loved one & friends_

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