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Saturday, June 5, 2010

.:lOve yr liFe:.

after a year?????hehehe..
well..proven at last, 'i'm not da one who really passionate in writin'???mmm..maybe..=p

uuh,honestly through dis whole year
-->yup..sumthin' tht keep me stil b n more grateful~

what happen recently??? future career = mm,precious experience with 1Bendahara..yup..year 1 students
-->chaotic, unpredictable..
-->really adore mdm tan 4 her professionalism.. love life = mmm..unsettle yet..stil trying die hard 2 b better
-->accept whole hearted..da do's..da don'ts.. campus life = smthng i knew i will miss in future..(",)
--> room8..nxt sem=last sem 4 her..uuh..miss her already..T_T
-->luvly frens=BACARS..hang out..swimming..singing..eating a.k.a melantaKING..bowling..many more of *ing..hehe..oooh,including..

uuuh..big day 4 2day..guess what???my father's birthday-->hehe..ooh,complete family celebration..wif ma mom,bro n sis..wil b update soon~

till then~


  1. anis...sekian lama baru ko tiup blog ko yg berhabuk ni! u anis!

  2. hahaha..nih dh msuk kali bpe dh ak recover password~
    =P..mlas dok..hehe..waaah love u 2,3,4 infinite la qila~